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Refund Information: Adele Wembley Stadium July 1st & 2nd

Last Updated: Jul 26, 2017 05:02AM EDT
Refund Details
Frequently Asked Questions

Refund Details

Refunds were issued on July 14th to the bank account used to make the booking. Please allow up to 10 working days from the date of issue for the funds to reach your account.

I'm not seeing my refund in my bank account, what should I do?

If you're not seeing your refund showing in the bank account that was used to make the order by July 25th, then please follow the steps below.

1. Please check all possible accounts that you might have purchased with for a payment from Songkick. It may be that your booking was made using another account.

2. If you still aren't seeing the refund in your account, please get in touch with your bank directly for further information. It might be that they are temporarily storing the funds in a holding account while trying to arrange for them to be re-routed back to yourself or Songkick. Please request written confirmation of the status of your payment according to your bank.

3. If after speaking to your bank account you are still having problems redeeming your refund, please get in touch with us at At this stage, please provide the above written evidence from your bank that your payment has failed, or has not been received. We will look in to each case individually with our payment provider to ensure you receive your refund as soon as possible. 

Please note that it can take up to a maximum of 30 days for banks to update the status of a refund to failed. Where there is a problem we will endeavour to get your refund to you as quickly as possible but we hope you can appreciate that, in order to protect against fraudulent activity, we are not able to proceed until we receive confirmation from your bank that the refund has failed. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to get your refund to you. 

We’ll be updating this FAQ with all the latest information as we receive it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will these shows be rescheduled? 

The event organisers are exploring the options to reschedule these dates. Ticket holders for the original July 1st and 2nd shows will be given early access to tickets for any potentially rescheduled dates..

Please note that it is currently not confirmed whether these dates will be rescheduled. This means that we are limited in the information we currently have, but we will keep customers updated as we find out more.

Can you refund my travel costs?

We completely understand that there were extra costs involved in attending these shows for many customers. Unfortunately, additional costs such as travel and accommodation are not included in the compensation received for show cancellations or rescheduling. This means we are sorry to say that we won’t be able to provide any reimbursements for costs outside ticket costs, which customers have undertaken at their own choice. This is part of our terms and conditions (which you can read here: and therefore we aren’t able to offer any flexibility on this.

I had a merchandise package for one of the cancelled shows, can I still receive my merchandise?

As a result of these shows not going ahead, a refund will be issued on your merchandise package order. As the order has been refunded, the merchandise elements have also been refunded and will not be shipped. We’re really sorry about this, and we’d recommend keeping an eye on Adele’s website in the event that merchandise from this tour is added:

My bank card is no longer valid, how do I get my refund?

We are only able to refund to the bank account that was used to make the booking. However, we’ve been in contact with our payment provider and they have confirmed that as long as the account is not closed, the banks should be able to route the funds correctly, even when the cards are canceled or renewed.

The refund cannot be issued to another account of your choice, or a preferred bank account.

If your bank account has been closed, please read this FAQ for more information.

If the show is rescheduled, why can't I keep my current seats?

Adele’s team are still working out whether a rescheduling of these dates is possible. As there have been no confirmed details on the rescheduling of the shows and no timeframe on when a decision will be made, the event organisers have requested that all ticket holders be refunded. 

We understand that for some it would be preferred if tickets remained valid for any future shows, but we are not in a position to withhold these funds from ticket holders until a decision about rescheduling is made. However, in the event that these dates are rescheduled, purchasers for these original shows will be the first to know and given early access to tickets. As we do not have any further details on how the sale for a reschedule would work, we do not have information on what ticket types and seating will be available.

Do I need to return my tickets to receive my refund?

It will not be necessary for you to return your tickets to receive a refund. All refunds were automatically issued by July 14th. 

Can I have a refund for my shipping fee?

If your tickets were shipped to you, we won't be able to provide a refund for shipping charges in this instance. This fee was used to cover the cost of dispatching tickets to customers and has not been retained by Songkick. We appreciate this may be disappointing as you weren't able to use the tickets, but unfortunately we are not able to offer flexibility on this. 

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